Material House Film Production strives to render a variety of services and
solutions necessary to produce all types of visual & audio media.

These services and solutions start with idea creation going through all stages of the process of
production that consists of: Recceing , acquiring of necessary licenses and permits,
auditioning and cast selection according to the highest standards for standing on
the optimum elements necessary to generate a product that adheres to the standards
of professionalism in terms of direction, photography direction, art direction, and

Furthermore, this is all supported by top-notch cutting-edge technology
available in the industry; filmmaking, lighting, editing cuts, utilizing the best film
processing and color correction laboratories in Egypt and abroad.

There is also the possibility of acquiring foreign talents when necessary.

In addition, we offer the following lines of services:-

  • Pre-Production/ Recce
  • Permits and filming venue permits
  • Casting & Auditioning
  • Location founder
  • Still-Camera Photography
  • Equipment Rental (Cameras, Lighting Equipment, Accessories…etc.)
  • Studio Rental
  • Location Rental
  • Catering & Canteening
  • Sountdtrack Recording
  • Music Composition
  • Voice-Over Talents
  • Telescene
  • Editing & Post-Houses
  • Travel & Accommodation